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Money Saving Ideas for Staying Cool

As Summer temperature’s rise, you may notice your electricity bill is on the rise too. When it’s hot outside, we rely even heavier on air conditioning and it’s not cheap. Of course, newer high efficiency a/c’s operate more efficiently than older models, but what if you don’t have one of these high efficiency models? Below are some tips for keeping your home cool and saving on your power bill.Block out the sun- Rooms that receive an abundance of sunlight are harder to cool. Block out the sun’s rays and you will stay more comfortable while saving money. White window shades and light blocking curtains work wonders. Remember to keep your windows covered during the hottest part of the day.
Change your light bulbs- Replace your light bulbs with compact flourescent ones. You’ll get the same amount of light, but not the heat and you will use less energy.
Give your dryer a break- Clothes dryers use a tremendous amount of power during operation. If you hang your clothes out to dry, you lower your power bill and your house will stay cooler.
Don’t Use the Oven- Fire up the grill or plug in the crock pot. Not using the oven for cooking will keep your home cooler in the Summer.
Move the Air- Use your ceiling fans. They circulate cool air in Summer and warm air in Winter. Also, make sure your fan blades revolve in a counterclockwise direction for cooling.
Create a cross breeze- Desk fans and box fans will help move air conditioned air throughout your home and eliminate hot spots.
Block out hot air- Seal and weatherstrip windows and doors to keep the hot air outside.
Change your air filter- A dirty air filter will block air flow and make it more costly to cool your home.
Leave your thermostat alone- Don’t continually adjust your thermostat. This can create a 3% change in energy costs with each degree in temperature change.

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