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Looking for a Quiet Air Conditioner?

If you have a noisy air conditioner, probably one of your main objectives when you replace and upgrade is finding a system that operates quietly. Today’s air conditioners are not only more efficient than those manufactured 10 years ago, they are also quieter. Having said that, there are a couple key features you should look for in a new air conditioner that will ensure it will run as quietly as possible.*A durable and secure fan grille on the compressor will minimize airflow noise. A direct-drive blower, which doesn’t produce as much noise as a blower requiring belt (also doesn’t have as many parts that can wear out).
*A two-stage compressor that operates on low most of the time and is housed in an insulated compartment that handily reduces vibrations.
These components work together to keep an airconditioner’s bels (similar to decibels) at low levels. In fact, you may find it interesting to compare the bels of your current unit to the new Energy Star models. Today’s ratings go from 0, which is barely audible, to 13, which can cause ear pain. Many air conditioners on the market today are rated 8 or 9, although some have ratings that are 7 and lower. When you compare SEER ratings, your goal will be the opposite. You want a unit with a 13 rating or higher. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The other benefit of upgrading to a new air conditioning system doesn’t involve noise but is important for the environment. Today’s unit’s use greener coolants such as R-410.
Fall is a great time to upgrade your air conditioner so it is ready to go for next cooling season and you can enjoy it for a long period of time. Don’t be stuck with a noisy air conditioner for another cooling season. Call MTB Heating and Air. One of our experienced estimators will come out and suggest the best and most energy efficient solution for keeping things quiet and you comfortable.

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