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Help Your A/C Age Gracefully

All equipment lasts longer when taken good care of. Your air conditioning system is no different. With proper care and maintenance, you can help your air conditioner reach a ripe old age. Below are some tips for helping your air conditioner age gracefully.Give it some rest: An air conditioner that is turned on and left to run all day will tend to wear out quicker. If you plan on leaving home for any length of time, turn up the thermostat a minimum of 5 degrees to allow your air conditioner to stay on, but not cool the air. This will give the unit a rest while you are not at home. Turning up the thermostat a few degrees at night will help also.
Check for leaks: Have your home air conditioner examined for leaks once a year. If there are any leaky hoses this can cause the unit to have problems that can lead to a breakdown. Preventative maintenance will keep you from experiencing the misery of equipment failure during extreme hot weather.
Clean the Outdoor unit: Your outdoor unit houses the fan and compressor. Make sure the outside unit is free of leaves and other debris. Exposed parts are easy to clean with a garden hose. Keeping the outside unit clean will lessen the chance of mechanical failure.
Perform an airflow check: Proper airflow within your home is needed to ensure your air conditioner is operating efficiently. Don’t block your registers or cold air returns with furniture or other items. Airflow is also effected by dirty air filters. Check your filter every 30-60 days. If you have pets or live in a high pollen area, your filters will require more frequent changing.
Clean the ducts: Dirt and debris can accumulate in your duct work and this makes the air conditioner work harder. Clean the inside of your registers and cold air returns with a vacuum cleaner.
Become an ESA Member: Enroll in MTB Heating and Air’s regular maintenance program. This provides 2 annual check ups for your HVAC system. One on the heat cycle and one on the cool cycle. This routine maintenance ensures your equipment is kept in good working condition with regular tuneups. Also, small problems are identified and fixed before they become large and compropmise the integrity of your system.
Follow the basic rules of care for you r air conditioner and you can expect it to reach a ripe old age.

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