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Get the Peace of Mind You Need with a Comfort Security Check

Fall is here and our mornings and evenings are getting cooler. The cold temperatures of winter may seem far off but it won’t be long before we need to turn on our heat. Before you turn on your gas furnace, it is important to have it checked to make sure it will operate safely. This should be done every fall. Right now, MTB is offering our Comfort Security Check for only $59.A Comfort Security Check entails making sure the furnace is in good operating condition, that all of the necessary safety components are functioning properly and lastly, that there are no carbon monoxide leaks. When a gas furnace is properly maintained, it is a very safe piece of equipment; but problems can occur such as carbon monoxide leaks. A carbon monoxide leak is very dangerous.
Carbon monoxide is both odorless and tasteless. Because it is hard to detect, you can easily breathe it in without knowing it. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious and often fatal. This is why it is most important to make certain your gas furnace is working properly. In addition, you should always have carbon monoxide detectors in your home if you are operating any gas appliances. This will alert you to the problem before you become ill with the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Call MTB today to schedule a Comfort Security Check before cold weather gets here. For only $59 you will have the peace of mind that your family will be warm and more importantly safe.

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