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Ductwork Problems Can Cost You Money and Comfort

Your ductwork is probably not something you spend a lot of time thinking about. Typically, things that are out of sight are out of mind. Actually the condition of your ductwork is something you should at least be aware of because joints and insulation can begin to deteriorate and seams can lose their seal. When this happens, as much as 40% of your cooled or heated air can be lost due to leaky ductwork. Depending on where the leakage is occuring, air quaility can be impacted in addition to efficiency. Below is a list of a few common ductwork problems to be aware of.Supply Leaks- Leakage in ducts delivering air to living spaces will waste money from lost cooling or heating. Supply leaks can also tip the balance of air pressure in the house to negative. This pulls in hot outdoor air and can cause gas heater backdrafting.
Return Leaks- Instead of spilling air out, return leaks may suck contaminated air into ducts from unconditioned zones. Return leakage also can place rooms under positive pressure, which pushes cooled or heated air out of the house through every crack or gap in the structure.
Flex Duct Failure- Soft flexible ducts installed to bend around corners and obstructions may deform over time , eventually obstructing airflow.
Insulation Loss- Insulating material inside rigid ductwork may deteriorate and collapse internally. This can restrict or block the flow of air. Disintegrating insulation on the exterior of ducts can cause thermal loss, particularly if the ducts are routed through areas of acute temperatures such as the attic.
One of MTB Heating and Air’s professionals can pinpoint where the leakage in your ductwork is originating and correct the problem which will increase your hvac system’s efficiency saving you money and providing you with a more comfortable home.

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