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Dirty Air Filters Mean Coughs and Sneezes

Our Blog has covered the importance of clean air filters a number of times and with good reason. Dirty air filters are dirty business. It is a well known fact that the air inside our homes is much more polluted than the outside air; and the only means for catching these pollutants and preventing them from being blown around by your air conditioner is your system’s air filter.The Charlotte area always makes the list for the top “worst allergy cities” to live in. These allergens enter our homes on our hair, shoes and clothing. In addition, our HVAC system provides the perfect environment for growing molds and fungi. Throw a pet or two into the equation and you can understand that our homes can become petri dishes. If you want to clean up your inside air, your first line of defense is a good quality air filter which will help trap these impurites and filter them out of the air inside your home.
It is not enough to just have a high quality air filter in place however. You must also make a conserted effort to change out your air filter at least every month or more depending on your individual situation. In homes with cats and dogs, your air filter can literally end up wearing a full length fur coat in no time.
Good indoor air quaility is important to everyone, but to those suffering with allergies it can make all the differece in the world. In the case of allergy sufferers, frequent air filter changing may not be enough. If you or a family member is suffering with allergy symptoms, you should really look at the benefits of a UV Germicidal light for your HVAC system. Using the same UV technology hospitals employ to cut down on the spread of diesease, this light is installed directly into your ductwork. There it begins to destroy up to 99% of the mold, dustmites, virus, bacteria and other allergens in your home that are drawn into you HVAC system.
Not only will this result in a cleaner smelling and fresher feeling home. IT WILL HELP ELIMINATE THE SPREAD OF COLDS and FLU. It also brings tremendous relief to allery sufferers. As we approach the end of Summer, Fall allergy season is fast approaching; as is the start of a new school year and with that the spreading of yerms and viruses. This is the perfect time to consider a UV Germicidal Light for your home. Call MTB Heating and Air today to learn more about this product.
In the mean time, remember to check your air filter on a regular basis and change it often. Not only will this result in a healthier living environment, but it will help your HVAC system run more efficiently. A dirty air filter cuts down on air flow which results in a lack of efficiency and higher utility bills.

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