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Why is the Air Conditioning System Not Dehumidifying?

When you live in the Charlotte area, you know that the humidity associated with Summer is just as brutal as the heat. The great thing about air conditioning is that not only does it cool, it also dehumidifies the air as part of its normal operation. If your home still feels humid while your air conditioner is running, this indicates there is a problem with the system.Below are several common factors that can cause your air conditioner to not dehumidify the inside air properly:
Inadequate Refrigerant Charge – Refrigerant is what circulates through your unit’s compressor pump, evaporator and condenser. This is what cools the air. It is important for your A/C system to have the proper level of refrigerant at all times. If your refrigerant levels is low, this can lead to your air conditioner not properly dehumidifying the air.
Oversized System – If you are having a problem with high humidity and your A/Cfrequently turns on and off, it probably means that your system is too large for your home. A high powered system cools the air at such a fast rate that the air doesn’t spend enough time moving over the evaporator coil to be dehumidified. Your home will reach the desired temperature, but there will still be a lot of humidity in the air.
Dirty System – It is important to keep all of your air conditioning system’s components clean to assure proper function. If your coils are covered in dirt and dust, one of the outcomes is improperly dehumidified air.
If you are having a problem with humidity in your home, call MTB Heating and Air. We will be happy to evaluate your situation and get your air conditioner working properly so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home.

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