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Surge Protection is Your Heating and Air System’s Friend

Your home can experience power surges due to utility events, lightening strikes and electrical fluctuations. These voltage spikes can really do a number on your household electronics. You protect your home’s computer and audio video systems with surge protectors, why not your heating and cooling equipment.Today’s HVAC systems are highly sensitive to power surges. A voltage fluctuation can lead to circuit board damge or even result in total motor or compressor failure. A Surge Protector will protect your heating and cooling system from votage spikes and greatly reduce the risk of costly repairs or even total equipment replacement.
As we to approach Summer, Electrical storms begin to become a issue that we deal with throughout the cooling season. This is a perfect time to invest in a surge protector for your heating and air system. Nothing is more miserable than suffering through a broken air conditioner during hot and humid weather. A surge protector is a very affordable, preventative measure to keep your MTB Heating and Air is offerinsystem safe from damage and protect you from an expensive equipment repair or replacement.
Right now, MTB Heating and Air is offering our Electrical Surge Protector for only $179. This is $20 off the regular price. Call us to get your surge protector installed today.

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