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Protect your Air Conditioner from a Lightening Strike

This is the time of year that thunderstorms start rolling through with regularity. In fact, a chance of thunderstorms is forecasted each day for the rest of the week. Thunderstorms can create a lot of damage with wind and heavy rains bringing down tree limbs and power lines. The other major threat associated with thunderstorms is lightening. Electronic devices in our homes are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lightening. While many people recognize the importance of protecting their computer and audio video systems from lightening, they often forget their heating and air system.Today’s heating and air systems are more sophisticated than ever and are very sensitive to power surges caused by lightening and other electrical fluctuations. Power surges can damage the circuit board in your HVAC system which can then lead to motor or compressor failure. When your air conditioner quits working in hot weather it is miserable. When you have to dig into your pockets to repair or even replace your HVAC system due to a lightening strike it is even more miserable.
Protecting your heating and cooling system is simple and affordable. An Electrical Surge Protector for your HVAC system is the answer. Right now, MTB Heating and Air is offering our Surge Protector for only $179. This is a $20 savings off the regular price. This is a smart investment that will safeguard your equipment and help you avoid expenive repair or replacement costs.
Call MTB Heating and Air today to have your Surge Protector installed today. You’ll be glad you did.

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