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Have You Got the Noisy Air Conditioner Blues?

All air conditioners make some noise and this is to be expected. After all, all mechanical sytems, with moving parts, create some level of sound. But while some noise is normal, there are certain sounds that indicate there is a problem. Here are some of the common noises that signal something has gone wrong with your air conditioner.Hissing: A hissing noise indicates there may be an air leak within your ductwork. It could be a crack, a hole or a loose connection. If this is the case, fixing the leak will not only quiet the hissing sound; it will also make your system function more efficiently. The other possible reason for a hissing noise is a refrigerant leak. This situation not only creates noise, but also results in inadequate cooling and can lead to system damage.
Banging: Banging sounds can be very annoying. In addition to irritating your ears, a banging noise signals real physical damage being done to your air conditioner. Often a banging noise occurs because of a bent fan blade in your blower or some other loose component that is moving around within the housing.
Grinding: A grinding noise is typically something in the compressor or blower motor. When bearings inside the motor become dry, they lack the lubrication necessary to reduce friction or thermal stress.
Rattling: Often a rattle is an issue with a loose panel or some other component that needs tightening.
If you start noticing sounds such as those above or others, it it a good idea to have them checked out by a HVAC technician. As with most equipment, when you make a repair quickly it usually costs less in the long run and saves you the risk of more damage occuring. Call MTB Heating and Air if you begin to hear noises coming from your Air Conditioner. We will send one of our experienced technicians out to find your problem and make the necessary repair.