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Want to Avoid an Expensive Service Call?

HVAC service calls can be expensive and they are almost always unplanned. The easiest and way to avoid an expensive service call is to keep your equipment maintained by enrolling in MTB Heating and Air’s (ESA) or Energy Saving’s Agreement Plan. This plan offers customers two tuneups a year, one on the heat cycle and one on the cooling cycle. Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC equipment functioning at peak efficiency and help you avoid costly break downs. Purchasing an extended labor warranty will also protect you from repair costs. If you are unprotected by a warranty or service agreement and you are experiencing an HVAC problem, there are some simple basics listed below you can check before placing a service call.1) If your area recently suffered a power outage, check to make sure that your breaker didn’t trip.
2) Make sure that your thermostat is set on the correct setting. If you have a programmable thermostat make sure that it is not set on an unoccupied time. If the display screen on your thermostat is blank and you have verified that your breaker is not tripped, then you may need to replace the batteries in your thermostat if it is a model that uses batteries.
3) Check your air filter. If your filter is extremely dirty, shut off the power to your outdoor HVAC equipment at the electrical panel and set the indoor fan at the thermostat to the ON position. Locate your HVAC drain line and after about 10-15 minutes you should see a good flow of water leaving the drain. Your evaporator coil most likely froze as a result of a dirty filter. Allow the fan to run until no more water exits the drain. Change your filter and return power to the outdoor unit. Be sure to leave the power on for the indoor or air handler/furnace portion of your system during this process.

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