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Tighten Your Belt and Save Energy and Money

I write a lot about the importance of maintaining your HVAC equipment. Properly functioning equipment means lower utility bills and increased comfort. Maintaining your HVAC equipment also ensures that you get long life out of it. Because HVAC systems are complex, there are many parts that can break or malfunction causing big and small problems. All of these problems translate into higher utility bills. Below are some examples of common HVAC problems and how they can effect your system’s efficiency.1) Incorrect thermostat settings can lead to 5-15% energy wastes
2) Plugged air filters alone can decrease efficiency by 50%
3) Even slightly worn belts can decrease blower efficiency by 5%
4) Combine worn belts with a worn pulley and efficiency losses can rise sharply
5) 100th of an inch of dirt on an evaporator coil can increase operating cost 5%
6) A dirty blower wheel can reduce air flow over 30%
7) 23% refrigerant undercharge can cause 52% efficiency lossMTB Heating
Routine maintenance can catch these issues before they have time to compromise your comfort and drain your wallet. Call MTB Heating and Air today to schedule a tune up for your system. Even better, purchase an ESA plan which will provide you with scheduled maintenace. An ESA plan will ensure your system always functions at peak efficiency.

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