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Keep That Condenser Clean

It is important to call your HVAC company and have them come out and do an airconditioner inspection before hot weather arrives. There are, however, things you as a homeowner can do that will be helpful in keeping you cool in hot weather. One of them iscleaning your condenser.The condenser is one of the most important factors in keeping your system running properly. This is the part of the air conditioning system that does the actual cooling of the air. The condenser is the part of your system that sits outside your home. If you stand near it while it is running, you can feel heat that is being generated by the unit. This heat must be able to be dissipated quickly for the unit to function as it should. Keeping the vents, tubes and fan blades clean and free of debris will improve your equipment’s reliability, durability and affordability.
You can clean your condenser using the following steps:
1) First use your air conditioner disconnect switch to cut the power to your system to avoid any accidents
2) Next, remove any obvious debris like sticks, stones, leaves, or garbage
3) Finally, rinse the tubes and vents with a steady stream of water from a hose
4) One final item is to trim any trees, plants, or shrubs that might affect the free and easy flow of air to and from the unit
Remember, in order to ensure that your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency, call MTB Heating and Air and schedule a tune up.

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