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Here Pollen, There Pollen, Everywhere Pollen

There’s no denying it’s springtime in Charlotte. The weather is simply gorgeous and things are budding and blooming. Of course, eveything is also dusted in a fine thin coat of yellow pollen and antihistamines are flying off the shelves. If you’re like a lot of people, this beautiful time of year is also a huge source of misery. Allergies can just make you miserable…the itchy eyes, scratchy throat and sneezing.On days when the pollen count is really high, many allergy sufferers opt to stay inside to avoid as many allergerns as possible. The problem is that the air inside your home can actually be up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Your heating and cooling system is an incubator for mold, viruses and bacteria… not to mention dust mites. In addition all of the pollen that we and our pets bring into our homes on our clothes and their fur gets blown around the entire house as air conditioned air is blown throughout the house.
Fortunately MTB has a solution that will help you combat allergens in your home and have you breathing alot easier. Our whole home filtration system can be installed into your existing duct work where it goes to work to filter out 85% of the particulate contaminants in your home. The overall air quality will be greatly improved and airborne viruses and bacteria will be captured providing a much healthier environment as well.
Right now, MTB Heating and Air is offering our Whole Home Filtration system for $499. This is $100 off the regular price. If you are interested in learning more about this system, give us a call. The difference in how your home will feel when the air is cleaned up is nothing short of amazing.

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