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Don’t Get Hot, Get Ready

Yesterday was a hint of the hot weather coming soon. Often we don’t get a Spring in Charlotte; we just jump from Winter right into Summer. That means we can have the heat on one day and need air comditioning the next. This is a great time to get your air conditioning maintenance done by MTB Heating and Air before hot weather arrives. Routine maintenance will ensure the longevity and energy efficiency of your system. During a maintenance check a technician will inspect and clean your cooling system in addition, he or she will be able to spot anay minor problems that may become costly repairs later.Here are some of the features of a maintenance tune-up:
Air Filters- Air filters require frquent cleaning and replacement. During summer, they become clogged with dust, pollen, dander and other debris.
Cleaning- Making sure all of the components of your system are clean is a part of any maintenance plan, but it’s especially imortant for cooling. Dust and debris can settle on coils or motor and blower components causing malfunctions and also decreasing the energy efficiency of the system.
Refrigerant Levels- If your system is operating without enough refrigerant, then it may not be performing correctly. That means it could be wasting energy.
Coils- During the cooling cycle, the outdoor air is passed over the refrigerant in the coils. They are responsible for cooling your air and should be checked for dirt or frost.
These are just some of the tasks performed on a maintenance check. Call and schedule yours today to avoid getting caught in hot weather with a faulty Air Conditioning system.

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