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Do You Have Leaky Air Ducts?

Duct work is designed to move air from the furnace, air conditioner or heat pump through out your home. Typically duct work functions fine, however problems can occur. If you notice that some rooms never feel comfortable, your utility bills are higher than usual or some rooms in your home are stuffy that indicates you may have a problem with your duct work. The most common air duct problems are:* Loose or severed duct connections- If duct work is loose or disconnected, conditioned air can’t make it all the way through your house.
* Poor seals at registers and grills- If the spaces around your registers and grills are not properly sealed, the air may make it all the way through your house but can still spill into unused space.
* Leaks at the AC or furnace connection- If your ducts are leaking at the point of entry at the furnace or AC, it means that conditioned air isn’t even close to making it throuugh to your home.
* Kinks or dents in the ducts- Kinks in your ducts can reduce airflow, preventing your system from moving air as efficiently as possible.
Properly sealed and insulated ducts can be a huge help in correcting comfort problems in your home. They can also help your energy efficiency and improove indoor air quality. To assure that you are getting proper performance from your ductwork:
* Properly align the connections of your ducts and seal them
* Tightly seal the connections to your registers and grills
* Ensure the air duct is properly connected to the furnace and that the connection is sealed
* Insulate the air ducts in unfinished or exposed areas like the garage or crawl space
* Straighten or repair ducts where airflow was previously constricted.
If you think you have any problems with your duct work, call MTB Heating and Air. One of our techinicians can evaluate your situation and make any necessary repairs to make your home comfortable and to save you from unecessary high energy costs.

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