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Building a New Home? Check This Out!

If you’re building a new home or office, don’t overlook a hidden feature like your heating and cooling system because it may end up costing you down the road. Here are some things to watch out for.* Sometimes a builder may select the lowest HVAC bid to increase his or her profit.
* Make sure that you don’t get a top-of-the-line unit for outside your house and then allow a bottom-of-the-line coil to be installed on the inside unit.
* When you are shown the plans for your project, make sure you ask what kind of system is being installed in your new home or business. It makes a big difference.
* The money your builder is saving on your HVAC unit may end up coming out of your pocket down the road in higher energy costs, repair bills or replacement. Make sure you are protecting yourself with quality equipment and a good warranty.
Inferior equipment and/or poor installation can cause the homeowner a lot of problems and headaches such as:
* Very loud outside units.
* Mismatched or improperly sized equipment
* Improperly installed ductwork which can be noisy
* Undersized air returns that can lower your systems efficiency and put stress on your system
* Improperly installed ductwork that can come loose and end up heating and cooling your attic
* Improperly installed drains that can leak into you ceilings and walls
* Registers that are non-adjustable or the wrong size can result in insufficient air flowing to individual rooms
When you are choosing a HVAC contractor, make sure they are state licensed and fully insured. This is extremely important, because the manufacturer may not honor your warranty if your equipment was not installed by a licensed contractor. It is also important for ensuring that you recieve a well done job and are protected.

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