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Keep Your Pets Safe in Cold Weather

The mercury has dipped down to bone chilling numbers. As you bundle up to stay warm, don’t forget your pets. They are vulnerable to the cold as well. Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe in cold weather.* Make sure your dog or cat has access to fresh water.
* If your dog is engaged in outdoor activities increase his supply of protein to keep him and his fur in top shape.
* Never shave your dog down in winter. If you have a short haired breed, consider a coat or sweater.
* Beware of antifreeze. This is deadly for pets and they are attracted to it’s smell and taste.
* Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep away from drafts.
* Puppies and older dogs are more sensitive to cold. Bring them inside for relief.
* Never leave a pet alone in a car in winter. The car acts as a refrigerator and holds the cold inside.
* During winter cats will sleep under the hoods of cars. Bang on the hood of your car before you start it up to allow any cat to ecscape before the engine is turned on.
* Never let dogs off the leash on snow or ice because they can lose their scent and become lost.
Even when you provide good shelter and food for your pets, severe cold is difficult for them. Consider bringing all animals inside when the temperature drops low.

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