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Do You Have a Carbon Monoxide Leak?

MTB Heating and Air is very concerned about carbon monoxide safety and we want you to be too. Carbon monoxide is an unavoidable by- product of burning any fuel. Charcoal grills, automobiles, fireplaces are all sources of carbon monoxide. With proper ventilation, carbon monoxide is not a problem. Gas burning appliances within your home are all vented to the outside to eliminate your exposure to any carbon monoxide. Gas furnaces are designed with your safety in mind. As long as a gas furnace is in proper working condition, it is safe. Problems arise when there is equipment failure such as a crack in the furnace. When this happens carbon monoxide can escape and leak into your home. Because Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless and tasteless, we don’t realize we are being exposed to it. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to the flu. Not only can it make you very sick it can be deadly. Each year deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning are reported. Sadly, this is completely avoidable..So how do you keep your family safe? First, install a Carbon monoxide detector in your home. It is smart to locate it near the bedrooms in your home as we are all most vulnerable when we are sleeping. Secondly, make sure your gas furnace is functioning properly and safely. Don’t assume because your furnace is putting out heat, everything is in proper working condition. Just like your car, your furnace needs regular maintenance to assure that there are no problems. Your furnace should be checked by a qualified HVAC technician each year before you turn it on to make sure it is functioning properly and that the safety devices in place to shut it down in case of mechanical failure are working.
MTB Heating and Air is offering a $49 comfort security check now. We will make sure your heating system is operating efficienty and safely and check for carbon monoxide leaks. With the cold weather we’ve been experiencing, people are running their heat more than ever. This check will provide you with peace of mind. We also offer the option of participating in our Energy Savings Agreement plan which provides a substantial discount on service and provides customers with 2 tuneups per year. One on the heat cycle and one on the cool cycle. Making sure your furnace is in proper working condition is smart and necessary to ensure your family is safe. If you would like to schedule a comfort security check or learn more about our Energy Savings Agreement Plan, call MTB. Again, we can not stress enough, the importance of a carbon monoxide detector.